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How to write an effective and compelling product review: Template

For a successful affiliate business, you should know how to convince your customers buy your affiliate products. And in order to do that, you must write compelling reviews for your products to make your customers trust whatever you’re selling.

Writting product reviewsAs affiliate marketers, writing reviews is one of the most important tasks we must master in mind and by heart. And I know for a fact that, it is easier to say than done. But don’t worry. I’ve been there before. I’ve spent countless hours searching and formulating the right review for my sites. So in this post, let me show you how to write compelling reviews for your customers to buy your products.

When writing reviews, try not to sell

You might be asking me now if I’m out of my mind. I know that we are in a business where we try to sell products or services online, but what is with what I just pointed out?

When writing product reviews, bear in mind that your first goal is to get their TRUST. You need to build your customer’s level of confidence to trust your review. You need to show them the need to solve their problem and what you’re about to reveal to them is the best solution.

You cannot fool customers. Buyers nowadays are more intelligent and wiser to spend their money so the only reason they are buying from you is that they trust you.

Now we are aware that the first stage in this process is trust, how to we then write an actual review if we don’t even have an idea of what the product is all about?

First of all, and what I would suggest for newbies, is to try and make reviews on products and services where they think they are expert on. It might be your passion, or you have a formal study about it, or just simply did some extensive research on your target niche.

Brainstorm and Research

There are some times that you really need to make a review on products where you have no idea because of its high potential profit. In those cases, you need to brainstorm and research.

In my experience, nothing beats the right planning first and then getting into action. What I usually do is to get into sites where they talk about more on my target product, like:

  • Amazon
  • Top search in Google
  • Forums and blogs

While on those pages, my research then would include:

  • Brand, Type, Model
  • Physical specifications like: size, color, texture, etc…
  • Technical details or any in the manual worthy to be included in the review.
  • Bullet out special features or details customers usually look for in that product
  • Emphasize on special offers, warranty, or money back guaranty
  • Benefits and selling points
  • What will be the range of what it can do and cannot do
  • Add a little negative or a downside about the product to make it authentic but to not over emphasize on it

Here is a template I recommend for your reviews to have consistency and form. You are free to copy and use it as your personal template.


Say the problem that needs to be solved and introduce your product as a solution. It does not need to have the details or specification at this point. As much as possible, provide a maximum of two summary paragraphs. This is where you have a good chance to capture the customer’s interest so make it right the first time.

Main Body

This is where you place most of your research or how you know the product. Talk about the product by describing it and how it works. Tell your personal appreciation and dissatisfaction. But remember, about 95% of what you’ll be writing here should emphasize on the benefits and what the product promises to offer.


As a final message, ensure your potential customers with certainty that your product is worth the money. Do not include additional examples that might waffle the customer’s decision to buy.

If the reader made it by far to read your conclusion message, he wants to know if this product is really worth the money.

When finalizing your product review, put yourself in the customer’s position. “If this would be my money, would I buy this product?”

Final Thought

My bottom line here is – Everyone out there is sick en tired of being taken advantage of. What customers need now is to find out who they can trust and who wants to help them find a solution for their problem, not to sell them.

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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You could definitely see your expertise in the work you write.
The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.
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Louie Sison

Thanks Jared. I appreciate you enjoyed the post.

Tan Adornado

Very good read, I’m still a newbie on affiliate marketing and I don’t know if I’m fairing well,this could be the answer to all my problems
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