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Why do you want to be on top of Google and how to get there?

My site is dedicated to share with you how to be successful in your online business. And the bottom line of success in Search Engine Optimization is getting on the top place in the first page of search engine results.

Importance of first page rankings

Top of GoogleSEO consultants and experienced internet marketers will ultimately tell to you that in order to be successful, you need to be on the top of search engine results page. What’s the big deal about getting first on search engine results page?

Finite amount of money for a potential earning

You see, in this kind of business and like any other else, the battle is with your numbers. There is a finite amount of money out there that you can potentially earn. And this is one truth that some internet gurus would contradict on their teaching.

Let’s give an example.

If you want to start a business on selling “Dog Training Video” courses in U.S., there are only 1,600 exact local monthly searches on this keyword.

So however you may want to sell 5,000 video courses per month, only 1,600 people wants buy dog training videos. 1,600 is a finite number. Did you get my point?

And with a 11,600,000 competing pages that talks about “Dog Training Video”, that is a high competition to engage in investing money, time and effort.

There is only one place for success, first rank!

According to research, the first place on a search engine results page gets the whooping 50%+ of the overall traffic of a particular keyword. That means, if you want to get the largest slice of the money pie in that market, being the only 1 first place on the listing is the place to be. Anything else is just a waste of again your time, money and effort.

Also, keep in your note to target the number 1 ranking in Google. Because in addition to our research, 85%+ of the global share of searches come from the BIG G. You should be aiming for Google only.

If you want to make money in SEO, you need to be number 1

If you notice, I’m just repeating my sense here. Because really, the pot of gold is in the first place.

If you think you can’t aim for #1 on a particular keyword, go ahead and find another one. Like they say, “there are plenty of fish in the sea” for keyword with lower competition and with a sufficient amount of traffic. But really, and I need to emphasize this, if you can’t beat the first place on your target keyword, you will be kicking yourself later for wasting time and money.

Bring the competition on

If you pursue to take the first place spot of your keyword, you’ll need to displace someone else’s website and this is called competition.

Of course, your competitor will not like to be defeated and lose the battle. He will eventually exert more effort to get back on the top place again. You need to get used to this arena because this is a serious business you’re engaging.

It is evidently clear that success in this business is in the first place of the competition. Make sure you gear yourself with the right mindset and tools.

Now we know the importance of first page rankings, anybody wants to be on top?

Simple yet Efficient Ways on how to Achieve SEO’s Holy Grail – Backlinks

Backlinks still play the most important role in ranking factor that search engines consider when deciding how to rank a website in search results page. In fact, the determining factor contributing to a page’s PageRank is backlink.

To put it in simple words, backlinks are simply links from other site towards yours. Also known as Off Site Search Engine Optimization.

Although backlinking is the most valuable way to improve your SEO or search engine rank, it is the least easy way to do. This is because, you do not have direct control over your backlinks. But believe me, they’re worth it.

So how do you get magical backlinks to you site to help your SEO. In this post, let me share to you simple yet efficient ways on how to achieve SEO’s Holy Grail – Backlinks.

1. Create contents on your site that people would love to link to. Instead of focusing on the quantity of information, put more attention on quality and value.

2. Use your keywords as anchor text on your links.

3. Look for Dofollow sites when creating your backlinks.

4. Utilize free bookmarking and social media sites.

5. Ask. You can contact blogs owners and site administrators to add your links on their blog rolls or related links.

6. Build links using Press Release, Article Submission, RSS Feeds, and blog commenting.

7. When leaving comments on blogs, make sure that it’s relevant and interesting to read to assure your comment will be approved.

8. Offer or review a good product for other people to recommend.

9. Consider hiring an SEO Specialist to leverage the work.

10. If you want to be backlinked by other people, be open to mention other links on your site.

Again, these are just basic and fundamental techniques on how to improve your SEO. Feel free to add your tip.

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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