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Weekly roundup No. 2 – June 10 to June 16

This is my second weekly roundup where I share all the useful links and resources that I have read within a week. These are some of the best articles that I have seen in the internet about Search Engine Optimization, Making Money Online, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Marketing and Technology.


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Weekly Roundup

Weekly round upHow to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Guide to Blog Monetization by Kristi Hines – Are you ready to make money online through blogging? If so, then you are in luck. In this guide, we’re going to look at the many ways that you can turn your for fun blog into a for profit blog.

Top 10 blogging tips to make money online and earn dollars by Cool Buster – Are you an out-of-school youth, a jobless professional or someone who has a job but is discontented with the salary? Check out these blogging tips that will help you make money online and earn dollars by blogging.

Father’s Day By The Numbers by Steve Cooper – Father’s Day is here. Just as I gave a look to the numbers surrounding Mother’s Day, I am giving dads equal treatment. From the number of single-parent fathers to sporting good sales, here is a look at Father’s Day by the numbers.

Fetching Friday – 22 Marketing Links by Kristi Hines – This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on

The Advanced Guide to Link Building by Neil Patel – Just a few days ago I published my strategy on creating advanced content guides and the results I achieved with The Advanced Guide to SEO and The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing. Well today I have a new guide to announce. With the help of Brian Dean from Backlinko we were able to create another great guide for you… The Advanced Guide to Link Building.

Off-Page SEO in 2013 and beyond by Jason Acidre – A decade ago, off-site SEO has been all about links. But it’s expected for search to progress, given that there’s a continuous evolution in web usage – which also has an effect on web marketing best practices. These changes allowed search engines to accumulate far deeper understanding of how people make use of the web, and in turn a better ability for them to assess websites worth and deserving of higher rankings.

How To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing With No Money by Tyler Cruz – A number of months ago, a reader requested that I write a post on how people can get started in affiliate marketing with little to no money, including not having a credit card. I put it on my list of blog topics to write about and now finally have time to address it.

Free PR 9 Websites Backlinks by Rob Sake – Backlinks is one of the most effective strategy to spread your blogs across different networks. There are numerous sites that offers free backlinks and becoming a member in one of them will surely add to the number of visitors to your site.

10 Freelance Tools For Project Management And Planning by Kelvon Yeezy – Regarded as one of the most challenging tasks, project management is quite a feat to attempt. Whether you are a freelancer, or simply an owner of a small business, it comes in handy to know what is required and needed in order to manage a client’s project successfully. But you don’t have to go at it alone, especially when help is readily available online.

The big question is: What do I blog about? by Rob Starr – Getting the right format set up and running is comparatively easy when you want to start blogging. Whether you choose WordPress or select from the myriad of other choices the Internet provides, getting a platform working usually doesn’t require a whole lot of technical expertise. The frustration can start when you find yourself staring at a blank screen afterward.

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