The World Needs More Awesome Bloggers: You

The World Needs YouIf you can do something really amazing, something that will inspire other people to do good and feel better, and you can channel it with a blog, then the world needs YOU!

My purpose for this blog is more than making money out of it. My calling is to motivate those who search for answers – more than a blog, a solution.

In a cluttered world of internet, does it need more blogs?

One of my friends reached out to me one time, and he mentioned his intent to start a new blog. However, he is worried that there’s no chance for him to stand out because he thinks that the internet is already crowded with blogs. Even huge companies do blogging, he added.

I replied to him, “Yes, the internet has still plenty of spaces for upcoming awesome blogs.” Because that’s what the world really need. Blogs that will put value into people’s lives, blogs that will care for its readers, blogs that will pledge valuable contents, blogs that will not just inform but to empower its reader’s potential and ability.

If you continue to improve your expertise and demonstrate care to your readers, you’re on your way to “stand out in the crowd” simply by being you. Just be the real you.

It all starts with your purpose

People are becoming smarter and smarter. That is why your audience can distinguish if you’re sincere or you’re just tricking them. Hence, blogging requires your purpose. You have to keep in mind your honest intention first and the fishy promotional acts should be the last. Think of your readers first (feed their mind and solve their problems) before aiming your pockets to be filled.

Amazing bloggers provide solutions genuinely even without rewards. However, if you are doing your effort with full passion and determination, you will receive your rewards because you have fulfilled your sole purpose.

Go for quality over quantity

Do not waste your time over a mediocre work. If you have to work for something, do it with quality. Do not settle for a fair output, instead labor for the best. Like successful people say, “Good is not enough.” You will be caught left behind by your competitors of you live with this mindset. Real achievers battle for the quality of work and not the quantity.

If your work is not adding significance (you will discern this by yourself), then it needs to be improved. If you’re not sure about your work, get a help from somebody. You can either ask an expert to quality check your work or get an honest opinion from a friend.

Try to make your work most remarkable as possible as you can. If you need to sit on it more than once to do some tweak and editing, do so to make it more notable and share worthy.

Inspire, be a hero to someone

Now is the time, to step up, to begin. The world needs better than what is usual.

You don’t need to be perfect, and nobody will be. Expect down times along the way and celebrate milestones of your success. If you’re having hard time achieving something, that something might really be worth achieving. So go and do something amazing, something inspiring. Who knows, you might become a hero to someone.

My final words

If you believe that you have what it takes to encourage people, is there something that hinders you to do so? You may not reap the rewards immediately, very soon you will if you do not quit. Because where there is passion and inspiration, there’s nothing that can make you do wrong.

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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