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Preparing a Sermon – Similar to Writing Blog Posts by Darren Rowse

Moving onward, you will see me posting videos of tutorials, inspirations, cool, funny or just about anything I found useful and share-worthy videos in the Internet.

For my first blog post in Video Tutorials category, it’s a Youtube video uploaded on Jun 27, 2010 by Darren Rowse of entitled “Preparing a Sermon – Similar to Writing Blog Posts”.

Notes from the video

1. Select a topic where you’re expert

  • Identify big problems that your readers might have
  • Or ask a topic to write about

2. Refining the topic

  • Break the topic into a smaller problems that people might have
  • Identify key problems
  • Think of their personal issues within the topic

3. Determine what your readers already know

  • Acknowledge what your readers already know and build your content upon that
  • Then identify what you readers don’t know

4. Start to put the bones!

  • Build the skeleton of you content
  • Write an outline and put some main points in place
  • Break it into four or five points that you want to communicate mainly

5. Flesh it out

  • Add illustrations, metaphors, analogies, or tell a story
  • Use pictures, videos, audios, multimedia
  • Make it visually interesting
  • Use quotes and famous lines
  • Make it intriguing and enjoyable for your readers

6. Refine and color it

  • Remove interest that distracts the main points
  • Read with a critical mind and look for this that can be taken out
  • Be useful but don’t go over the top

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