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8 Effective Ideas on How to Never Run Out of Things to Blog About

The worst thing that a blogger can catch is to run out of things to blog about. Seriously, it’s like the end of the world to that blogger. I mean, what’s the essence of starting a blog if you can’t write, right? Well actually, ummmm… ummmm… Darn, what should I write next?

Blogging ideasWorry not because you know what? I’m going to outline you my 8 effective ideas on how to never run out of things to blog about. If you’re ready, let’s get to it…

Idea 1: Create a “How to” or a “Step-by-step” Guide

Write an article that will show someone “how to” do something. In this age of do-it-yourself tasks, step by step guide posts are so much loved. One successful site that uses this kind of idea is Be creative free to choose your topic, it can really be anything. Just be sure to keep in mind when doing this is to help someone else learn how to do something.

Idea 2: Make a Top x list

This is one of the most popular type of a blog post among bloggers. This is mainly because: lists are scannable and easy to read, each list has a distinct start and end, and lists looks neat because of its format. A well written list post can go viral through social media sites and bookmarking site because readers love to share these kinds of information. If want to get ideas on how to make your own top x list, you can head to sites like or

Idea 3: Start a Discussion

There are several ways on how to start a discussion. But the best and effective way is to ask. Yes, simply ask. You can ask for an opinion, ask for a solution, or force a debate. This technique can fire up collective wisdom from your group or fellow members. You can add up spice to your questions by setting a scenario or doing a role play. So, do you like this idea?

Idea 4: Show a Direct Benefit of something

A great example of this idea is right below your nose, my blog. The greatest objective of this blog is to show you the benefits if get from blogging. You can do the same thing. Show someone how they can directly benefit from taking some sort of action in their life. It can be a product you want to promote, a service you want to share or even your own stories that helped you succeed something. For me, these are the greatest blog posts because these are personal and accounts that worked great for you and you become true and transparent to your readers.

Idea 5: Define Something

Choose a topic in your niche or in your own industry and simply define what it means or what it is. Not everyone knows everything about what you do. Do not assume that people already know what you’re talking about in you blog. These types of blog post are insightful and it can trigger an interest from your readers about what you do and your industry.

Idea 6: Expose a scandal or a scam

Do you have the guts to expose a scandal or a scam? Remember, this does not need to be sexual in essence. Try to prove a popular product that doesn’t work. Or show to the public hidden agenda of a service that they patronage. Again, if you’re daredevil enough to expose these, be prepared for criticisms and publicity.

Idea 7: Review a blog, an article or a product

This is a healthy way of adding value to your community. You take any blog, an article or a product and service and write a review about it. These reviews are extremely powerful because they can have some sort of effect on your readers’ decision whether they will or will not buy a product based on your review. In addition, it wouldn’t be too hard if it was something you actually purchased. Don’t pretend and give reviews on things you haven’t actually purchased yourself. Be real. Be genuine.

Idea 8: Write a thread post or a series of posts

Take a topic on your blog and break it up into smaller pieces then post each piece as a separate blog series but linking together. For my example, you can go to and study how I chunk each topic into a blog posts.

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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