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How to start a blog and make money from it: The complete guide

Blogging: The complete guide

Having a though of starting your own blog? Here is my complete guide on how to start a blog… and end up making money from it!

There are several people who are interested in starting their own blog but lack the knowledge of actually creating one. So in this blog post, I have come up to share with you a step-by-step method that will guide you by the hand on your way to a successful blogging journey.

Note: If you’re a newbie to blogging, this article is specially intended for you (I recommend that you stick around by bookmarking this page). If you’re an intermediate blogger with an existing blog and wanted to nurture your understanding more in blogging, you can as well learn few more tips and tricks in this article.

If you’re an experienced on the other hand, I would appreciate if you can leave your message on the comments section to further enhance to information in blog post. So shall we start?

Starting a blog

The complete process is divided into categorized sections that will aid you read and understand better.

Section 1: THE PURPOSE – The big WHY

Section 2: THE PREREQUISITES – What do you need

Section 3: THE PROCEEDURE – Actual start up process

Section 4: THE PRODUCT – Creating remarkable content

Section 5: THE PRESENSE – Building your online presence through community and networking

Section 6: THE PROPAGATION – Building strong backlinks. Creating traffic for your site

Section 7: THE PROFIT – Making money from your blog

Note: This post is still “in progress”

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