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How to improve your blog?

Almost every blogger had an issue with the consistency of their blog because blogging is not an easy task. And in order to be great in this field, you have to work out for it.

With that, I have gathered a few exceptionally useful insights and techniques from some of the best bloggers in the world to keep you in motion and in the correct path.

blog improveDo you feel like a subdued blogger?

Did you know that accountability is a great motivator? So in order for you to surpass the feeling of discouragement, tell someone about your plans. You can tell it with another blogger, tell your wife about it, and publish it on Facebook or Twitter. What’s important is to tell someone about your campaigns and ask that person to hound you in the next few days. In that way, you become accountable to that person to fulfill your plans.

Darren Rowse speaks a lot of this in his blog. Check out his tips.

Do you desire your blog to work for your business?

To create more business prospects, increase your blog’s traffic, generate positive opportunities and improve your brand as a business, you need to reach out to other bloggers in your niche.

This is what Denise Wakeman shared in her article in entitled: The secrets of growing your blog following and the pitfall you must avoid.

Setting up to increase more subscribers to your blog?

A smart tactics for pulling more subscribers towards your blog is to be laser focused.

“Make sure that you are primarily focusing on a particular topic. And the more specialized that topic is, the better you’ll do. It’s also a key to step back and evaluate whether there are enough prospective readers in your chosen niche. It’s better to be brutally honest with yourself than to toil away and end up disappointed.”

Read more of this article entitled: Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers by Brian Clark of

Are you having trouble deciding for the name of your blog?

“Try to create a long list of options. Play with ideas. Combining words and creating new words, checking a thesaurus, getting the help of friends and family can all help. Switch off your internal critic while you create. Jot down every name no matter how daft, at this point you are aiming for quantity, not quality!”

This is how Chris Garett educates us how to choose a domain name for a better blog branding.

Final Words

Making a habit of blogging is definitely not easy but it’s worth every effort at the end of the struggle. I hope you will find time to read the posts I linked above, because I guarantee you valuable information and tips into perfecting your blog

What do you struggle with the most when blogging?  Do you enjoy it or does it feel like a chore to you?  Do you see the power in blogging or do you feel like it is a waste of time?  Let me know your blogging opinions below!

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Louie Sison

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Venchito Tampon

There is a big chance of an increased readership every time you publish your posts consistently.

Leverage your blogging efforts through guest blogging – great tip if you want to drive more visitors to your site and later convert them if that is your goal.

Thanks Louie for this post!
Venchito Tampon recently posted…Comment on Expert Interview 009: Top 10 Must-Have SEO Skills with Benj Arriola by Venchito TamponMy Profile

Louie Sison

Great value adds Venchito. I also believe that consistency plays a vital role if a bloggers wants to be successful.

Keep your shares coming.
God Bless,
Louie Sison recently posted…Do you want a true to life figures from blog earnings?My Profile

Steve MacDonald

Great insights and techniques Louie! Integrating your social networks with your blog, through a series of carefully placed and prominent links is an extremely important integration strategy. Having a blog like a one-stop-you-can-get-it-all-here is a winner’s way create and maintain loyal relationships with your target audience 24/7.

Louie Sison

I definitely agree Steve.

Social media strategies are huge hits in today’s modern way of spreading information. You have to place your connections strategically.

Also, make sure that you have enough energy and resources for a on-stop-shop site or else you might drain along way.

Thanks for you visit!
Louie Sison recently posted…Do you want a true to life figures from blog earnings?My Profile

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