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How to Generate Massive Traffic to your Site: A StumbleUpon Case Study (RESULT)

In this blog post, I am exposing the result of a case study I conducted on how to generate massive traffic to your site using StumbleUpon. I suggest you to read that post first to know what techniques and steps I took to complete the case study.

Also, before I continue, I would like to thank all those who viewed, commented and followed this case study which I posted on Ask Pinoy Bloggers Facebook group. Sincere thank you!

Case Study at Facebook

So here it is. Nothing too fancy, just straight forward presentation of the case study’s outcome.

1. Traffic Stats

Week before the case study:

  • 127 people visited the site
  • 160 visits
  • 299 page views
  • 1.87 page per visit
  • 3 mins. 27 secs. average visit duration
  • Bounce rate is 70.62%

Referral Traffic:

  • – 30.26%
  • – 23.68%
  • – 23.68%
  • other sites – 22.38%

Week during the case study:

  • 260 people visited the site (+204%)
  • 291 visits (+182%)
  • 493 page views (+165%)
  • 1.69 page per visit (-0.18%)
  • 2 mins. 1 sec. average visit duration (-1 min. 26 secs.)
  • 74.91% bounce rate (+4.31%)

Referral Traffic:

  • – 50.60%
  • – 12.05%
  • – 12.05%
  • others – 25.3%

2. Content Engagement

I received couple of emails from new readers interested to know the outcome of my case study. I personally thank them for taking some time and the effort to connect with me.

I also got some good encouragements after I posted the link on Ask Pinoy Bloggers Facebook group. Some predictions were actually confirmed, especially the bounce rate. Obviously, it went up.

I received 6 new followers on Stumble Upon. I am not sure if this is also a result of the case study, but since it is included in the date range of the study so I added it here.

3. Lessons Learned

Based on the traffic results, my direct goal is achieved, that is to Generate Massive Traffic to your Site. An increase of 165% of page views was observed on the week when I conducted the study versus the previous week. However, it did some negative/damage on some important metrics such as: Bounce Rate, Page per Visit and Average Visit Duration.

The lower the bounce rate, the better it is. On the other hand, Page per Visit and Average Visit Duration are higher the better.When these metrics goes the opposite of the ideal, it gives a negative impression to Google that a site might be a spam site or the content is poor in quality.

So my lesson learn. Although the goal was achieved, I do not intent to do it again nor encourage you to do it on your site.

What do you think of this case study? Did it help you in any way?

Don’t forget to leave your message in the comments section
All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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high traffic and high bounce rate so I think I won’t try to do it. Thanks for the case study and result.
Tess recently posted…Join The ResuFace $750 Total Cash GiveawayMy Profile

Louie Sison

Hi Tess,

Thanks for visiting my blog. And yeah, I guess someone should think twice if he intends to use the technique.

Keep in touch!
Louie Sison recently posted…How to Generate Massive Traffic to your Site: A StumbleUpon Case Study (RESULT)My Profile

Gilbert Samuel

It’s been a while, though i was Lil busy tidying up things, how many stumbleupon followers to you actually have to achieve this?
Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Plugins I Use and How they Helped my BlogMy Profile

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