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How to Discover Your Favorite Celebrity’s Sleeping Pattern Using Only Twitter

Find out celebrity sleeping pattern

Ever wonder what time does your favorite celebrity go to bed? Do you need to get ahead on your darling star’s wake-up call so you can greet him/her? Or you simply want to know the sleeping pattern of a person you’re interested in. Here’s a clever tool that checks a person’s time to likely sleep.

Bonus! You can also use this to lookout for your friend, sweetheart, and family using only one requirement, TWITTER.

Read on if you got interested.

Before we get into snooping other people’s sleeping pattern, let’s give credit to the person who created this tool.

This application was developed by an Indian Tech blogger by the name of Amit Agarwal. He has been writing numerous blog posts on technology, how-to guides and other hacks to make life easier at To know more about Amit, read his about page.

Now, let’s go start peeping.

Sleeping Time is a simple and straight forward application that gets the sleeping schedule of anybody who holds an active twitter account. All it needs to generate the result is a twitter username of your friend or the celebrity you want to view.

How does it work?

Citing from the website –

Sleeping Time will fetch the last 1000 tweets of a Twitter user and then determines the approximate sleeping schedule based on the time when he or she is least active on Twitter.

There’s no rocket science involved but lot of people say that the results are pretty accurate. We only index “public” Twitter profiles and will never post anything to Twitter on your behalf.

I checked on Jessica Alba’s sleeping time  and below is a screenshot of the result.

Sleeping Time of Jessica Alba

Clever huh?

Start glancing over people’s sleeping pattern at

I test it myself and I find it fascinatingly close accuracy. Try it yourself and share your sleeping time.

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