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How do you make your readers love your blog in 10 simple ideas?

Problogger Darren Rowse made more than $600,000.00 from selling a $30 worth ebook for more than 20,000 times (and counting). How did he do that?

Making readers love your blogIt may sound easy, but what he initially built is readership.

He built colossal number of loyal readers and then he converted those readers into customers and eventually made money.

If you’re like me, I want to make that amount of money too. So how can we bring loyal readers to our blog? How can we make our readers love our blog?

Here are 10 ways to make readers love your blog

1. Help your readers

Your readers should have a convincing reason to read your blogs. And what makes them want to read your blogs persistently? Solve their problems and they will visit your blog often for sure.

  • If you can do it yourself, solve their problems personally.
  • Keep in touch with them through emails and social media communication.
  • Add valuable comments on their blog.
  • Whenever possible, guest post on their blog.

2. Construct excellent content by creating curiosity

You’ve probably heard that “content is king” a thousand times. Well, you’ll hear it once again – content is still king.

One way to create quality content is by creating curiosity. Ask appealing ideas that might open their interest on your content. If you do this, it will require you to have your own voice. Write as if you are directly talking to your readers.

3. Bring someone else to guest post on your blog

Occasionally, allow guest blogging to show some variations to your readers. This provides a great blend of writing but don’t overdo it!

If you’re interested in guest posting on my blog, this is a great chance to confirm your interest. Email me at

4. Improve writing skills

Your readers will love to read your blog even more if you have better writing skills. Check your grammar and proof read your article to make it look more professional and well written.

Your writing should be interesting, compelling, inspiring and has the potential to ignite your readers.

Here are few more tips:

  • Make your call to action clearer to your readers
  • Come up with attractive titles
  • Use simple and straightforward words that anyone should understand what you’re saying
  • Study writing lessons and apply to your blog

5. Keep user friendly navigation

Make it easy to navigate on your site. Show your readers where to go and how to find certain contents when they are in search.

Keep your links clean and cutter free.

6. Your site’s speed of loading matters

Build your blog in such a way that the loading time is faster. You may lose a potential loyal reader if your blog loads 6 seconds or more.

Here are some tips to optimize your page load time:

  • Your hosting provider is important. Make sure that you choose the right web host because it plays a vital role on your site’s speed
  • Use less plugins. Use only the essential ones
  • Optimize your image’s file size and still maintain the quality of it

7. Keep up a good blog design

When choosing a good blog design, consider the following factors:

  • Logo – Choose the appropriate logo for your blog if you want to stand out
  • Topography – Use web safe fonts in your blog to make your content easy to read
  • Font Size – Determine wisely which font size you want to use
  • Do not clutter – Simple is beautiful. Do not over power your sidebars with social media buttons and widgets. Consider white space to give your readers a breath when reading your content

8. Make some expert interview on your niche from time to time

Prepare yourself with 10 to 15 questions and surprise your readers by conducting an expert interview. It could be an interview from your fellow bloggers, professionals or anybody that you think your readers will benefit.

Remember! Helping your readers should always stay on your priority when performing an interview.

9. Give something rewarding

Give your readers freebies like eBooks, podcasts, anything to reward them.

Make your blog “DO FOLLOW” to make them comment as frequent as possible.

10. Spend some cash

Never think that blogging for money is as easy come – easy go. If you want to make money, you have to spend money.

If you’re serious to earn money from your blog, spend some cash to build it professionally.

  • Invest money on your web hosting and purchase your own domain name. I personally recommend HostGator because I use it myself. It’s very cheap and yet it’s ranked 1 of the top brands in web hosting service.
  • Use premium themes and plugins if needed.
  • Allocate practical amount of money on your tools, working computer, production software, and anything related to working on your blog.

Do you have anything to suggest?

Those were my top 10 ways to make your readers love your blog. What would you suggest?

Don’t forget to leave your message in the comments section
All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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