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Interview with the Experts

My site has given me awesome opportunities to interact and connect with some of the great names in the industry of Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. I have compiled below the links of the my blog post where I interview people and pick out a portion of their brain to share how they become an expert in their field.

Iinterview with the Experts

Note: This list will continue to grow each time I publish a blog post under the category Interview with the Expert.

1. Sean Patrick Si

Sean SiSean is a 24-year-old Filipino-Chinese born again Christian blogger and SEO Specialist. He is the owner and founder of  SEO Hacker: An SEO company with a current team of 17 strong.

On my interview with him, he defined Search Engine Optimization as an

Intricate combination of art and science in providing relevant content to users through optimizing your website in such a way that would make it easy, informative, fun and share-worthy for them. [tweet this!]

2. Jason Acidre

Jason AcidreJason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Xight Interactive and the author of Kaiserthesage, an online marketing blog. He started to work as an SEO back in early 2010 (Feb 2010) – by accident, where he originally applied for a writing position, but the Australian SEO agency who hired him thought that he was fit to become an SEO.

On my interview with him, he defined Search Engine Optimization as a

Platform that bridges the gap between people and information, in the same way as it bridges consumers to products. [tweet this!]

3. Benj Arriola

Benj ArriolaBenj started his career as a chemist, and then ventured out as a businessman selling computers, and then changed his business into a web design and development company, and then finally working with companies doing SEO. He learned SEO from the web design and development background by receiving on-page instructions on how to build sites properly. Today, he is the Vice President for SEO at Internet Marketing Inc., a full service internet marketing agency based in U.S.

On my interview with him, he talked about the foundation of link building. He said

Come up with good compelling content that users will love and promote. Then the links will naturally come. This is easier said than done, but this is where good marketing and content creation talent comes in, as well as good promotional strategies. [tweet this!]

4. Janette Toral

Janette ToralJanette started and used it as a means to share e-commerce information. She’s a person who wears different hats but strives to become an effective maven, connector, and salesman altogether. She thinks that it is important that goals have to be bigger than yourself. Janette loves experimenting and trying new things out. Enjoying the lessons gained from failures and success.

On my interview with her, she listed 3 actionable items on how to build effective relationship

Build relationship by 1. Share resources that can be useful to your target audience. 2. Respond to users concern or queries when they ask or need it. 3. Provide opportunities where shared, beneficial experiences can take place. [tweet this!]

5. Glenn Dimaandal

Glen DimaandalGlen started off as a blogger for a gaming website where he picked up the basics of SEO and analytics. He later took on a full-time SEO job without really knowing what he was getting into. From there, He was fortunate enough to land good jobs and meet great people. Currently, he is working full-time with Emerson Electric Co.

On my interview with him, he defined the foundation of how Google looks at SEO

Technical soundness, content quality, engagement signals, link equity, brand strength, social signals and author reputation are the general areas that you’d have to look at when you’re doing SEO. [tweet this!]

6. Roel Manarang

Roel ManarangRoel is just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary determination to succeed. He started blogging around 2008 and worked as a sales consultant in 2009 at a small business in the Philippines. He became easily addicted and obsessed with the sales and marketing industry, which led the company to promote Him as their marketing manager in 2010.

Today, he manages his own company North Social Media, serving more than 100 businesses, across more than 20 countries, including Toyota, Kingston, Snooth, Elance, Spielgaben, and more.

On my interview with him, he talked about the role of social media to an online business

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter give you an opportunity to access tons of people, capitalize on the viral components, make sales, actively engage, create brand loyalty, and more. Blogs help you demonstrate authority, give you inbound links, and give your business a unique tone and voice. [tweet this!]

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