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Do you want a true to life figures from blog earnings?

First of all, does earning big time dollars from blogging real? It’s true my friend. It’s true…

Blog Income ReportMaking money online is one of the most lucrative income generating ways to make a living. And in the Philippines, I am here to test and expose that there is money in blogging.

Unfortunately, for some security reason, I do not deliberately post my earnings in this site though my topic is about making money online. I can show you tips and trick how blogging and earning works. But not my earnings.

But you need a proof, right? To see is to believe… Yeah, that’s what they say.  But sorry, like I said, it’s for security reasons so I hope you understand.

Luckily, I know somebody who publicly announces his income in blogging. Every month, he has this “end of month” report on his blog featuring most of his stats. Like: Page views, site updates and changes, ups and downs, and his earnings. It’s like a report card of his activities for the past month. Very cool, huh?

He’s name is Pat of Smart Passive Income. He lives in southern California and he considers himself the luckiest person on earth. I have been following his blog even before I launched this blog. I can say that he is one of the greatest influence why I am a believer in making money online. His blog is one of my top 10 sites I visit everyday without a fail.

On his last report card, April 2013, his gross total for the month is a whooping $58,412.33.  Here are the monthly links:

Smart Passive Income Blog

How about you? Would you like to make money using the Internet or blogging as well? You came to the right place because I’m here to tell you how. Start by clicking on this link:
I will tell you everything you need once you get there.

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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