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Choosing the right CMS: 10 best blogging platforms

Remarkably, blogging has turned out to be more than just a manner of sharing your thoughts, conveying great ideas and/or creating your presence in the “wired realm”. It also has provided a way of capturing potential customers and retaining existing clients for your company.

Best Blogging PlatformsIf you’re planning to test the waters in blogging, here are top 10 blogging platforms absolutely free for you to try.

1. WordPress

This blogging platform has owned the title as the most popular and most used open-source blog software until now. Mainly because of its feature-rich capability, with thousands and thousands of free and premium plugins and themes ready to transfigure your simple site into almost anything you can imagine. It is light weight, SEO optimized, easy to install and can be flexibly modified according to your site’s need.

2. Blogger or is another blogging platform that is rising in popularity because it is own by Google. It also has quite of great features to its users. Several bloggers who began their blogging journey started in this platform due to use simplicity and ease of use. Similar to WordPress, Blogger has numerous free themes and plugins suitable for your needs. And the best part is, this platform allows you to monetize your traffic using Google’s own – AdSense.


Similar to WordPress and Blogger, this site is a power-packed blogging platform. However, like any other free services, it shares a handful of advantages and disadvantages. It offers its users to apply hundreds of incredible themes and plugins. But unlike the regular 3GB storage capacity service of WordPress, this site only offers 2GB of storage.

4. Tumblr

Although this site is considered as a microblogging portal (Similar to Twitter and Facebook), it is still a full of exceptional features like audio and video based blogging, astonishing free themes, free customized domain name, and several more. Automatically, you can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that you can easily update your social media feeds from one source.

5. Posterous

Analogous to Tumblr, this is yet another awesome blogging platform more or less considered as microblogging. It has been acquired by Twitter last year, so you can expect great service from this site.  You can create, customize and manage multiple spaces as you need.

6. LiveJournal

LiveJournal or LJ as it was widely known offers a great service of free blogging platform that is very friendly for beginners and good for social networking. LJ is very popular among college students after youtube. It also offers users a change to make money using Google AdSense.

7. Weebly

One of the easiest ways to create a website that is free, powerful and professional. You can customize your site using the drag & drop builder. It also has numerous features like audio/video, maps, image galleries and slideshows.

8. Freeblogit

Powered by WordPress, FreeBlogit is a powerful blogging service that is free and easy to use. Some considerable features are: Detailed statistics; search optimized content and its fast network speed.

9. BlogDive

BlogDive is another WordPress driven site so you can expect very similar features from WordPress such as themes, plugins, security architecture and more. But if you use BlogDive as your blogging platform, you have 17 domains to choose from.


Yet another WordPress powered site, but this site, they have a remarkable and active blog community.

Final words

There are a huge number of blogging platform available for free and while some comes with a fee. Deciding for a particular one is more of a matter of needs and taste.

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