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Blogging tips for beginners

Are you new to Blogging?  Here are some of my blogging tips for beginners.

Blogging tips for beginnersWhat is a blog, and what is the benefit of starting one? Within the past few years, blogging has exploded into a new form of media that everyone appears to be doing. As one of the newest media revolutions, blogs have reshaped the state of politics, journalism, business marketing, entertainment, online business and countless other areas that constantly grow alongside the growing Internet age.

The term “blogosphere” refers to the collective community of all blogs available through the Web today. What once began as a way to journal about one’s life or interests has now skyrocketed into a new channel of connection or communication between like-minded strangers, a more effective way to receive up-to-the-second news, or a unique tactic for entrepreneurs to appeal to a broader audience.

For some bloggers, it’s about having the limitless space to share your opinions about life, offer free advice to help other people navigate a difficult issue, and/or find human connection through shared beliefs. For entrepreneurs, having a well ranked blog offers lucrative opportunities that could be long lasting (the ability to create passive income and make money online). They use their blogs to establish a reputation and expertise in the field, thereby drawing more clients and more sales in a more improved way – by offering something valuable with no strings attached.

Whatever your reason may be, in order to get noticed in the busy blogosphere, you’ll need to know the basics of blog promotion to succeed. To get started, here are five essential blog promotion tips you need.

1. Learn what SEO can do for you If you publish anything online, you should know the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Simply put, search engines like Google evaluate your blog by quality of content and relevancy. So that when a web user does a search on keywords (i.e. “rock music review blog”), they’ll find the top matching sites. This is important to consider as you write a new blog entry, so that you’re using such keywords in multiple places.

Here are some top rank SEO sites that I suggest for you to follow:

2. Publish something worth reading. Of course, using SEO keywords can go overboard. You should add strong keywords through your blog description, blog tags, and inside of blog entries where it is appropriate. But be sure to keep in mind that quality is crucial. Content is always the king. If you don’t have anything worthwhile or interesting to say, you won’t gain repeat visitors. Create “killer articles” that will link bait other blogs to your site.

3. Trade links with other bloggers. Word-of-mouth promotion is always the most effective strategy. Once you’ve started networking online, it’s best to start making connections with authors of blogs you currently enjoy, and authors of blogs in your niche. Exchange links with them, establish relationship, mention them on your tweets, share their content on your Google+ wall, so that you are promoting them in relevant entries, and they are promoting you in their entries.

4. Comment on other blogs regularly. As often as you intend to blog, you should make an effort to read and comment on other blogs – in topics you like as well as your own niche. This will help you establish a presence in your topics of interest as well as put yourself (and a link back to your blog) in numerous places. To start building a loyal audience, the best place you can begin is with other bloggers who are more likely to want to read your blog.

5. Participate on forums and other social networking groups.

Similar to commenting on blogs, take participation on forums and social networking groups that are relevant to your niche. You can also develop strong relationship with these medium. As you provide insightful response to them or provide solutions to their problems, you establish yourself as an expert and will eventually gain their trust and respect.

As simple as these 5 blogging tips for beginners, you are on a successful blogging journey if you persistently follow these.

How about you, do you have a tip to share for beginning bloggers?

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