What are the Benefits of Blogging?

Benefits of Blogging

Writing a blog can be about virtually anything, but of course you cannot blog everything. From a plain personal journal about your pet dog to educating other people how to make money online.

There is none that you cannot blog about. I bet that there’s a blog someplace in the Internet about topics discussable in society, not surprisingly also blogs that cannot be discussed in public.

That is because blogging has been one of the increasingly developing portions of the Internet. There are thousands of bloggers writing every day and nearly every second a new blog site is being birth.

So if you are one of the few who are still sitting out, you should be asking yourself this one simple question, why should I blog?

Top 10 Benefits of Blogging

10. You will learn and your skills will improve

To write blog posts, you must read a lot. And this is a very straight forward result. While you research and read about a topic you intend to write on, you will gain more knowledge that surrounds that subject, you will eventually learn more.

You comprehension skill will start to enhance as you exert effort to understand that particular topic. As you put that understanding into inscription, your writing skill will develop as well.

You also have the potential to learn new and in demand skills like; Search Engine optimization, web development, internet marketing and technical writing.

9. Speak your mind and be who you want to be

What I love about blogging is it allows me to speak whatever that’s in my mind. When I blog, I’m free to express my happiness, excitement even my discouragements. And if someone else does not agree with it, they just have to bear with it. Because in my world – I am the boss.

8. Establish yourself as an expert

To become an established expert in your chosen field, you have to gain the respect of your audience. And respect is not earned overnight. Over time, as you publish more noteworthy and shareable stories, you will see yourself transform from an amateur to expert.

You just have to keep passionate in everything you do and focus on you goal. Always get back to your purpose why you want to be that expert.

7. Gain influence

The world needs more awesome bloggers, and that might be you! Many people believe that the best way to change the world, you could become a politician, a hero or a martyr.

Or you could be a blogger. If you have the ability to inspire other people to feel better and do good through your work, why not do it right? Bloggers are the next generation movers of our world where almost anything and anyone is interconnected.

6. Build a community

A blog can also be a mode to expand your connections and reach out more people. Eventually, those people will become part of your community (others call it as tribe).  Sooner or later, that community will help you grow and improve more as you exchange ideas and solutions along the way. Each member of the community will earn mutual respect and assistance in times of need.

To be in a community is always a win-win situation. Many of your readers will be asking for help, but others will be looking to help you.

5. Become a brand and build trust online

Everyone who uses the internet knows how to search for something or someone at least. So whether you keep yourself as a personal brand or preserve the name of your company, you have to take control of your online identity.

The real battle in the internet realm is how people find you or your business. If Google cannot find you, you do not exist. However you want to make sure that when people searches for you in the internet, they will get a truthful and exact depiction of who you are.

Once you establish yourself as a brand, you will start to gain the trust of your readers, stakeholders and potential customers. The more people you gain trust the easier to accomplish your online goals.

4. Work on the things you’re passionate about

I love talking about blogging, search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media and networking. I can discuss about these things the whole day without even tiring. This is what I love and passionate about.

3. Make money from blogging

That’s what this site is all about, to make money from blogging by telling other people how to make money online. Who wouldn’t want to get paid by doing the things you love? (Raise your hands). But honestly, to really earn money from a blog is doing it with sincere passion and the smart way.

Pat Flynn, who started blogging as a way to keep his notes in preparation for his architectural exam turned out to be the start of his multi-million online business. In 2014 alone, he earned $946,256.23. Here’s his income report.

2. Help others

Aside from making money from a blog, one of the priceless benefits of blogging is the opportunity to help other people. This is my ultimate reason why I created this blog: to educate, create awareness and speak my own voice with the intent to help more readers. Blogging has helped me establish my own online business. Now, this is my way of sharing to the world the favor that blogging has given me.

1. Self-fulfillment

At the end of the day, blogging for me is a self-fulfillment and an accomplishment of my purpose. My goal is to provide my readers value adds and answers to their deepest questions. Every time I receive an inquiry, acknowledgement from a total stranger or even a simple thank you – that itself is a benefit to me. A fuel to go on my blogging journey.

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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