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Asian Guy Show Secrets To Success – Youtube Video

I found this entertaining yet an eye opener video on John Chow’s blog post. The guy on the video is Wong Kog – an Internet Marketing guy and a restaurant owner.

In his video, Wong Kog cleverly integrates internet marketing business to his restaurant with humor. By the use of his cooking skills, he demonstrated how to make money in the Internet.

Here are my notes from the Video

Secrets to successIngredients to successfully make money online:

1. Journal

  • To write down any stuffs
  • To write down your ideas
  • To write down your goals

2. Positivity

  • Always take the positive in order to succeed in life
  • Think positive
  • Put positive energy into your work
  • Take out the negative energy
  • Pull it out of our life
  • Make success come to you

3. Network

  • Network with the smartest people
  • Network with the people with the same goals in life
  • Be with people having the same mentality
  • That will encourage you to become who they are

4. Action

  • Put your thoughts and ideas into action
  • Action, action and action
  • When you put your thing into action, you work towards success
  • Do not procrastinate

5. Believe

  • Believe in yourself
  • Believe that you will accomplish your goals
  • Believe that you’re gonna make money

Asian Guy Show Secrets To Success

Do you want to succeed in making money online?

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