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A Failure is Not a Failure All the Time. Do You Agree?

How many of you never experienced failure in their entire life? – Nobody…

When I was in school, I was taught to think that failure is a bad thing. I was educated that in order to succeed, I need to make no room for failure. That’s the reason why I worry so much about my grades. I didn’t have much attention in learning the idea behind a lesson, instead I focused more on passing the grade.

Failure is not a failure all the timeWith all respect, I do not have a problem with the system of schooling. In fact, I strongly encourage every student to study well and treat their schooling seriously. However, there’s one thing I can prove in doing online business is that a failure is not a failure all the time.

Let me tell you why… Whatever it is that we fail on something, it means that life is teaching us a lesson. How does this relate to business and achieving success? Let me quote on Pat Flynn’s passage in one of his blog post.

What’s the difference between those who are successful in life and those who are not? The successful ones learn from their failures and follow those lessons, while the losers end up doing the exact same thing, or nothing at all. This can be related to anything that you do in your life.

Here is my personal experience about failure and success in online business.

When I discovered that there is money in blogging, I immediately jumped into it. I sat in front of my laptop. Did a lot of reading of what everyone’s talking about. Then I decided to buy the domain: Here’s how it looked like:


During my first few months I was so hyped to blog almost anything about my country – Philippines. I received decent amount of traffic but not good enough to expect good pay from Google AdSense. As the days went by, it turned out that I was overwhelmed with the possible topic that I can talk to in my blog.

In addition, most of my posts were just rewrites from other blogs that I follow since I cannot travel entirely the Philippines to cover interesting stories and news. I didn’t have much knowledge in online business at that time. And so my frustration led me to abandon the blog. It was the most emotional down part of my online career.

Lesson Learned

Right after accepting the fact that I made a mistake or “I failed”, I pushed myself to learn more about blogging and making money online. I invested a lot of time learning about Keyword Research, Search Engine OptimizationInbound Marketing and studied the power of Social Media Networking.

After a month of brainstorm and planning, I decided to fire up another blog this time its more scalable, has more realistic approach in terms of my capability and knowledge, at the same time I enjoy to do.

I found out that the answer is just within my reach. Why not I write stories about my province and gather all the businesses, hot spots and famous people within it. was born and the rest is history.

Pampanga Directory website

Today, large part of my earning comes from this site. I can say that I became successful because my failure taught me a lesson. Without those failures that I experienced before, I would not be where I am today.

Words to reflect on now that I shared my failures to you. Are you thinking of doing something greater online and you’re afraid to fail? Think again… A failure is not a failure all the time. Agree?

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All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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