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7 Benefits of Creating a List Post

There are several types of a blog post and one of them is a list post.

Benefits of List PostList posts have always been a well-liked and efficient method of writing posts for bloggers. That is why it has become one of the preferred types of post due to a lot of reason.

Although some bloggers, on occasion, become a bit against this method because they feel that it’s a worn-out technique or a lethargic way to write.

But that’s not always the case. A blogger shouldn’t be restrained in developing an in-depth list post for almost any blog.

In this article, let me share with you my seven benefits of creating a list post.

1. List posts are easy to read – readers, especially online readers are despicably lazy and tend to inspect internet contents rather than reading them word for word. With the use of a list post, readers can easily grasp the content’s points and help them instantly if it includes information that interests them which leads them to actually read more of.

2. List post makes an article concise and direct to the point – With a list post, each point as a succinct beginning and end. That’s what bloggers love about and keeps them far-off from just rambling.

3. List posts give the impression of being in order – Lists can be visually appealing because it looks neat therefore stimulates more reading. And since the content appears in order, it attracts reader to stay longer on the site.

4. List posts break the complex ideas – One remarkable quality of lists post is its ability to breakdown complicated pointers. Overpowering ideas can be segmented into bits of ideas that can be easily understood.

5. List posts can constituent to the easiness of scripting your article – writing blog posts in list format can split a compound thought into chunk-sized pieces which makes it easier to write.

6. List posts are easier to entitle – There are so many ways to title a list post: X ways to… X types of… Top X tips to… Examples:

    • 10 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Search Engine Optimization
    • The 18 Best Search Engine Optimization Youtube Videos
    • 15 ways how Search Engine Optimization Can Make You Rich
    • 11 Things about Search Engine Optimization Gurus Wouldn’t Tell You
    • 12 modern techniques about Search Engine Optimization that will Rank Your Website

7. List posts tend to have high potential to go viral – I don’t know about, but in my personal experience and stand point, list posts are eye catching and high in click through rates. I have number of posts in this blog that has high social media actions, such as likes, comments, shares, twits and recommends.

Pro Tips

    • My own approach in creating list posts is to begin coming up with several ideas as I can. It does not necessarily need to be super relevant at that point. Once I reach the end of the ideas in my mind, I filter out which points that should be included in the list.
    • I also get ideas from sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, or Delicious and check their popular entries, taking down notes which I believe it will be interesting to my readers.
    • On worst cases, I ask to the help of cont idea generators. This link is my most frequent go to:

Are you creating list posts on your blog? Tell us about your most popular one by sharing the link in the comments section.

All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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