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3 Awesome Websites that Inspired Me Pursue My Online Business

Every day, I read a number of websites, blogs, and tutorial sites to study further how I can achieve full success on my online businesses. But these 3 awesome website I’m about to share to you which really changed my perspective and inspired me pursue this online career.

I never knew and expected before that I will own online businesses until I stumble upon these sites. Just like them, they all started with a desire to live a dotcom lifestyle: a freedom to enjoy life, time and wealth.

Okay, enough with the drama. Here are 3 awesome websites the inspired me pursue my online business. by Pat Flynn

First on my list is Pat Flynn’s Pat used to be a Job Captain in a Architecture firm. He was doing very well in his career, but some things are not really controllable like being laid off because of economic condition.

But due to his positive attitude towards facing life’s challenges, he turned this downfall into an opportunity to earn more money and work less and more flexible time.

How did he do that? He get back to his old blog where he writes down his notes as a reminder and a reviewer for his licensure exam in architecture way back when he was still a student. He then found out that students and researchers have been swarming his site to read his notes and use them as their reference in their study.

And the rest is history. He decided to monetize that website by placing affiliate products and even selling his own book and earned more than 100 times his previous salary from that simple blog.

Do you want to know how much he earns from his blogs? Thanks to him, he is kind enough to share his earnings, click here to view.

Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome by John Chow

John Chow for me is the father and founder of the phrase “dotcom lifestyle”. When I first saw his video in his blog, it’s like I had a mind reset of how I want my life would be in the future.

In his video in, he was strolling his daughter Sally to the park. While he watches Sally play, he stressed out what a dotcom lifestyle really is. “It’s not about fast cars, exotic vacations, fine dining and partying all over the world” – he said. “It’s about spending time time with your love ones”.

At the end of the day, it’s all about freedom and doing the things you love most. In his blog, he shares practical tips, tricks and solutions how to make money online. He is absolutely one of the greatest influences why I decided to achieve DotCom Lifestyle.

John chow com by Darren Rowse

Darren, like Pat and John did not intend to be bloggers but their common denominator is about their determination to achieve a dotcom lifestlye, to be successful in their own field.

He decided to blog after stumbling upon an article (like this) about “blogging”. Within 24 hours, he started his own blog that talk about pop culture, spirituality and tips on blogging.

His blog became so popular for bloggers especially for newbies because of how the way he teaches.

Darren Rowse Problogger

Here is my challenge for you, are you going to let this opportunity to just pass you by? I am encouraging you to go ahead and check out the sites I shared to you.

These sites changed my life. Who knows, yours might be too.

Don’t forget to leave your message in the comments section.
All the best to you,
Louie Sison

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Jane Vestil

Stumbled upon your blog on Facebook. I am also inspired by Pat Flynn to continue blogging.

I heard that he will be visiting the Cebu next year for a Think Tank event. I wish I could join their event but it is already sold out.

Anyway, you have a great blog here. I hope to get more insights from your posts.
Jane Vestil recently posted…Prayer For Physical HealingMy Profile

Louie Sison

Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog.
That’s so nice to hear – Pat visiting Philippines. I remember, I had few email exchange with him. I asked him if he as a Filipino blood. He replied to me that her mom was from Cebu.

Too bad I didn’t know about that event :(
Anyway, thanks again for being here. See you around.


Nice Share Louie. I am reading Pat’s website right now. Thank you for the recommendation. This well help me a lot.

Louie Sison

Euhero, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy to help!

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