How To Find Unmet Needs Where You Can Build Your Business On

Finding Unmet Needs

One possible opportunity to start your own business is through searching for unmet needs or jobs that need to be done.

Now when I say job, that doesn’t completely mean an occupation or a career. It can also be a product or service that we use.

Think of what I said this way. Each time a person buys something, that person hires the product or service to solve an unmet need.
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My Confessions As An Aspiring Entrepreneur

Aspirin Entrepreneur

At some point in our employment, we encounter paths ahead of us that are branched off. Agree? And when it’s actually in front of us, we evaluate our options and examine how far how we’ve come so far in our career. Reflecting on former decisions, encouragement from advisers, personal wins and losses – we are tempted to gaze ahead even if it’s unsure.
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A Personal Reflection About Making Money Online Through Blogging

Making Money Online Blogging

I have been reflecting in the past few days about my own experience in making money online through blogging. Today, I asked myself this question: “Should I urge you to start your own blog?”

To tell you honestly, it’s a little complicated, because it’s seldom hard to put in plain words to non-bloggers how much effort and dedication is engaged in the course of trying to make money online. Yes, there are success stories as well as hundreds of those who quit along the way.
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25+ Websites that Offer Quality Images Absolutely Free

Free Quality Images

In the past, bloggers experience a hard time searching for free and at the same time quality images that will help them connect their content to the readers. But worry no longer.

I have collected quite a number of websites that offer quality images that are ABSOLUTELY FREE. That means, you can do pretty much everything you want with any restriction and any licence issues.
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